Supply Chain Outsourcing Services

Supply Chain Outsourcing Services

For the last 4 years, the industry has lost well known professionals and many companies.

Knowing what to buy and from which company, leveraging the proper network to have quality bids and proper executions. Several procurement teams and managers have now shortfalls not because of their lack of knowledge but because of the lack of good resources.


  • You want to increase the competition during your inquiries?
  • You want to identify new sources for the materials or bulk that you are buying?
  • You want to identify sources for new materials or technologies you are not familiar with?
  • You want to set up frame agreement and work with call of order scheme to reduce the administrative cost and time?
  • Your purchasing team is running on overload?
  • You want to reduce your team procurement cost
  • You want to outsource procurement of materials which are not your core business?

ARMAWORLD provides outsourcing and purchasing services to address your benchmarking, optimization and cost cutting strategies, or simply to debottleneck your procurement team.

ARMAWORLD Procurement Consultancy will provide purchasing services, always keeping your best interests in mind.

There are things that experience teaches you:

  • Efficient procurement shall be done according best work processes
  • Recurrent suppliers shall always be challenged by new players (products and manufacturers)
  • The questioning of suppliers by newcomers will support the client target to have the best equipment and materials at the best price and will address the client expectations to receive the highest standard of performance through months and years.

The intermediation, to set and improve the link between different actors of the supply chain, such as a client and a supplier, targeting innovation, benchmarking, with complementary skill sets or interests will support the competitiveness, market benchmarking and will raise the overall quality.