Field Expediting

Field Expediting

Post order management is a combination of desk and field expediting activities, including expediting, inspection and optionally shipping services.

Our expediting team in Abu Dhabi, will ensure that all activities are happening within the expected way and according a predefined timeframe. The team will obtain all information to assess that progress is in line with the Manufacturing Plan and must undertake all actions to cancel or decrease any anticipated delay and controlling the technical compliance of the material with the order specifications. All these analyses and expediting will be executed based on the reports shared by the supplier.

Field or shop Expediting visits will verify and match all ground information and evidences taken from the workshop with the information shared via weekly or monthly progress report (sub orders, production status, receipt of components). This is adding another layer in the confidence you will have to get the material and services on time.

Field expediting visit will also give you information such as actual number of personal in the workshop, major HSE issue… The field expeditor will identified the materials which are available in the workshop, he will cross analyze reporting and physical situation, he will see how busy is the workshop, he will see the working environment, the workers behavior,… they are so many information to gather during a shop visit that cannot be identified in a report received by email and all these information will feed the desk expeditor and the client.

The aim here is a validation of the reports by physical assessment on the ground.

ARMAWORLD expeditors and inspectors will be available:

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