ARMAWORLD Procurement Services Post order management is a combination of desk and field expediting activities, including expediting, inspection and optionally shipping services.

Our expediting team in Abu Dhabi, will ensure that all activities are happening within the expected way and according to a pre-defined timeframe. The team will obtain all information to assess that progress is in line with the plan and must undertake all actions to cancel or decrease any anticipated delay and controlling the technical compliance of the material with the order specifications.

We will expedite the engineering and quality document listed in the Vendor Document Register. Datasheet, General Arrangement drawing, PID, Single Line Diagram, Process Flow Diagram, Inspection and test Plan, Quality Control Plan, Painting Procedure, Lifting Procedure, Packing and Transportation procedure… We will expedite sub order and sub order acknowledgments that we will coordinate with the production schedule.

The aim is to solve a problem before it even happens, to minimize schedule or quality issues

  • You want to outsource the expediting service to experience and reliable professionals.
  • You are purchasing materials or services from a country where you do not have physical presence.
  • Your supplier must honor his delivery commitment and you want to be in control of the situation, in time and quality.
  • You want to witness the quality of manufacturing and the actual progress.
  • You want to immediately collect and ship the materials which was purchased ex stock.
  • You want to secure real-time shipping documents preparation.

You must proceed with a post order management services. ARMAWORLD provides desk and field expediting and inspection services, taking the lead from the Purchase Order award till the material is loaded on the carrier. We can also assist you till the receipt at destination of the goods.

ARMAWORLD Post Order Management team will do your post-order management operations and your success is our reward.

There are things that experience teaches you

  • The number 1 rule is to remain in full control of any situation.
  • There are quality issues you will never identify through QCP or ITP review but only being in the field of actions.
  • The time you lose at the beginning of a contract is never recoverable.
  • The early delay not tackled, will cause a bigger delay at the end of the contract.
  • The earlier you identify a quality issue, better will be your recovery plan.