What is Consulting Engineering?

Consulting engineering is a professional service that provides independent expertise in engineering, science and related areas to governments, industries, developers and construction firms. Most consulting engineering services are offered through consulting engineering companies, but are also frequently offered by sole practitioners. Consulting engineering companies can range in size from a partnership of two people to multinational corporations with tens of thousands of employees in offices world-wide.

Consulting engineering firms are responsible for designing and building Canada’s infrastructure which is vital to our social, economic and environmental quality of life. Within a consulting engineering firm, projects are usually carried out by teams that are comprised of a variety of professions and disciplines in addition to engineers and technologists, but the team leader is usually a professional engineer. Large firms may be able to assemble the entire team from within their ranks, whereas smaller firms may need to partner with other firms to assemble the team.

In consulting engineering there are opportunities for engineers and other professionals with a wide variety of technical and personal skills. In a consulting engineering company you will find people with:

  • every kind of technical specialization
  • a wide range of ages and experience levels
  • business, financial and administrative expertise
  • construction knowledge and experience
  • managerial expertise
  • business development skills
  • project managers