Contract and Claim Management Services

Contract and Claim Management Services

Contract and Claim management is the forgotten child of the project executions, in most of the organizations and especially within the suppliers. Manufacturers, Distributors, Stockists, Agents want to get orders to deliver, invoice and be paid. Unfortunately, this is not so easy.

Most of the clients and Contractors will mobilize high skills contract managers to preserve their interests against the benefit of the supply chain.

Procurement costs represent 30% to 50% of a project value. Few % of the procurement value will represent a recovery of millions of USD, and most of the time, this is your money.

ARMAWORLD contract management proposes mutualized contract management services. You do not need hiring a full-time high skills contract manager. You can outsource the activity, on a part time basis to ARMAWORLD, either for a project or a designated issue to sort out.

The lack of professional contract management increases the risk on your cash flow or economics. I keep repeating, success is associated to control. Without contractor management, the client controls you!

Healthy contracts will turn into loss. ARMAWORLD proposes continuous monitoring of pre/post-award communications and contract management to secure objectives, payment and to eliminate the risk of penalties and back charges.

Claims, counterclaims, scope reductions, scope additions, extensions of time, modified specifications, Approved Vendor List… are ALL risks OR opportunities.