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Procurement Expertise

Procurement key expertise is to put through in a single stream the business objectives, the risk management (current and future) and the collaboration of internal and external influences with the only purpose to maintain or improve the company reputation and economical interest.

Expediting Management

The Expediting Management is a project oriented solution utilized by companies to ensure that 3rd parties items , data and components, are timely received as and when required in the engineering and packaging process. Expediting Management is a mix between desk and field expediting.

Procurement Outsourcing

ARMAWORLD Procurement Consultancy propose outsourcing solutions giving leverage to the company not only to reduce overall procurement cost but also to focus on the its core technological competencies.

The procurement excellence is to meet the corporate expectation in term of economics, ethic, risk management, quality, budget control as well as timely delivery, all together supporting differentiating factors, to lead to improved competitiveness.

ARMAWORLD Procurement Consultancy will identify procurement savings, provide input to improve procurement processes and will implement sourcing/cost reduction strategies.

Expediting Management

Today, most of the industries are facing sales downturn and challenging financial results. End Users , Clients or Buyers are now using all their contractual rights to improve their operational results, time to time not recognizing the factor which created the delay or orienting a specification to deny the validity of a variation order.

This behavior increases the risk of your cash flow but may also turn a good contract into loss.

ARMAWORLD Procurement Consultancy propose a to have a continuous monitoring of the pre-award communications as well as contractual management of the purchase orders to secure on-time payment and to eliminate risk of penalties and back charges.