About Us

What do we do?

ARMAWORLD Procurement Consultancy reinforce ongoing procurement strategy by sharing two decades of experience on international sourcing, global negotiations, claim management and project procurement management.

This operational and management background will serve your best interests to support or improve your purchasing strategy, to straighten your expediting procedures and operations, to streamline inspection and logistic activities.

ARMAWORLD Procurement Consultancy proposes procurement outsourcing support, from gre-a-gre strategy in restricted/single source to open inquiries. 

We will secure on your behalf timely and cost effective international sourcing from Asia, Middle East, Europe or US.

ARMAWORLD Procurement Consultancy is the solution to your procurement bottlenecks. We will source the product you need, within your compliance, quality, time and cost frameworks.

Our network deals with all industries, such as:

Oil and Gas







Food and Retail

Why outsourcing or hiring us for consultancy business?

  • We really do understand procurement and project management, supply chain, outsourcing and related issues very deeply. Procurement success recipe is only anticipation.
  • If we don’t think we are the best people to help you, we will try and recommend someone we think is appropriate.
  • We can both think and do
  • We review major programs, projects, procurement functions and strategies.
  • We also assist organizations to analyze their procurement process and spend map in order to achieve real benefits and short and long term
  • Training on negotiation, purchasing, expediting, claim management and tendering (high quality bids are a key differentiator factor in bid analysis process)
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) implementation, follow up, benchmark and analysis
  • Mentoring / expertise to identify Talent or newly promoted personal in operational or managerial position